Friday, July 23, 2010

Creative Commons 101

Recently I pointed out to a faculty member who wanted to post her digital images where others could have open access to them that there was something called the Creative Commons. Then yesterday I saw this link to an article on ALA TechSource, July 20, by Cindi Trainor. It is a very useful, concise overview of CC licensing. It appears that there is a new type of CC license called CC:Zero (CC:0), which differs from public domain. "Works created and declared to have a CC:Zero license may be used by anyone, in any way, and do not even require attribution of the creator."

This type of licensing, along with CC's other categories of licensing, is an attractive way for those with personal collections of digital images to dissiminate them according to their wants and wims. This site offers a useful way to tell those with whom we are consulting about image licensing in general.

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  1. Later breaking press release:

    Copyright Clearance Center Launches

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    Danvers, MA., – Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a not-for-profit organization that is the world’s leading provider of copyright licensing solutions, has launched ReadyImages for Academic Institutions, a cost-effective subscription service for faculty, researchers and staff at academic institutions to search, download, and lawfully use high-quality, professional images for teaching and research purposes.

    An online collection of over 5 million stock images, ReadyImages for Academic Institutions, a complement to CCC’s Annual Copyright License for Academic Institutions, lets users find images by a simple keyword search. These premium images can be used to:

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    · Supplement online courses, distance education and e-learning

    · Enrich print and electronic coursepacks

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    ReadyImages allows faculty and staff to post materials containing images to the institution’s intranet, course management or e-reserve system, in promotional brochures, Internet postings and other uses outside the institution, or to share them with other staff or students through email. It also covers access and use of those materials on mobile devices.

    “With multimedia becoming a significant aspect of classroom and online learning, CCC is enabling faculty, librarians, course developers and others to use millions of quality, licensed images in their courses without the rights clearance headaches associated with content found on the web,” said Tracey Armstrong, CEO, Copyright Clearance Center.

    Available to institutions of all types and sizes, ReadyImages for Academic institutions is available now and can be purchased for use across the entire institution or for use within a college, school or program within a university. For more information or to sign-up for a free 10 day/10 image trial, visit