Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For those looking to adopt the Acrobat file type pdf PDF as their Archival or Display file type Andrew Stawowczyk Long of the National Library of Australia has recently posted the following to Imaglib listserve.

"I wrote a free image to PDF batch converter. It's a simple application but does what's intended. Have a look at

Just a word of caution - I didn't have time to test it extensively but it seems to be working quite well."

Andrew Stawowczyk Long
Digital Preservation Standards
National Library of Australia

He graciously gave me permission to repost it here as he would welcome feedback, including any further development one might wish for.

The use of PDF as a preservation file type (Archival) is still abit controversial, but many including and some of the LOC's efforts are using it. It is great for Text work.

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